What is ADD? What is ADHD? How do I test my child for ADD or ADHD? Those are all important questions, especially when it comes to providing solutions for your child. That’s why our team of providers, including Dr. Wade, is here to help you and your child at It’s All About The Patient in Mesa. Our blog is a great space to learn more about ADD, ADHD, and what you should look out for. From symptoms and tests to different tools to provide your child with, our blog posts are here to help. If you think it’s time to see a provider, schedule an appointment with our team today, or call us to answer any questions! 

  1. 5 Signs Your Child Might Have ADD

    As your children transition into elementary school, certain signs of ADD can start to emerge. While some symptoms are common in children that age, a family medicine provider can help you determine if ADD is something that is negatively impacting your child. To meet with our family medicine provider …Read More

  2. The Difference Between ADD And ADHD

    Does your child struggle in school? Do they get distracted easily or get lost in their thoughts? Or do they fidget constantly? Are you looking for answers for your own difficulty focusing or accomplishing tasks? Have you experienced similar problems ever since you were a child?  All of these are co…Read More

  3. 5 Signs Your Child Might Have ADHD

    While certain signs of ADHD are present in children from birth, the symptoms most commonly associated with ADHD don’t become noticeable until your child starts elementary school. When your child starts school, there are many different developmental milestones they are still working through. In fac…Read More