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Family Medicine

Make Your Health a Priority in Mesa

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At It’s All About The Patient in Mesa, we view our patients as more than numbers on a medical chart.

Holistic Treatments

Addressing mental health, wellness, and nutrition

Looking at the lifestyle of each patient

Creating a personalized treatment plan

Looking at the patient and their lifestyle drives our practice — that’s why our business is your health. From addressing your mental health to looking at your nutrition and wellness, our goal is to help our patients live both a happier and healthier life.

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Promoting Health Since 2010

Our mission at It’s All About The Patient has been to provide comprehensive health care for both individuals and families since 2010. Along with treatment of conditions, we strongly believe in promoting good health habits and preventing disease. If you’re looking for a family medicine provider, contact us today to schedule an appointment and meet our team of providers!

Our General Practice Offers The Following Services:

Men’s and Women’s Health

Family Practice

Acute care

Wound care

Physical examinations

Pediatric and adult nutrition

X-rays and order labs

Holistic treatments

A Whole-Body Approach

With more than a decade’s worth of experience, our team utilizes evidence-based, holistic treatment methods. By focusing on the entire person and addressing mental health, nutrition, wellness, and other aspects, we can help our patients to not only live healthier, but also happier.

We recognize our patients are individuals, not just numbers on a chart, and have preferences and a lifestyle beyond their health issues. At your initial appointment, we’ll gather information regarding your health concerns. After you meet with Dr. Wade, he’ll create a personalized treatment plan, designed to change and evolve as you do. Add to that a compassionate and responsive staff, and it’s easy to see why we enjoy high levels of patient satisfaction.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today!

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As a family medicine provider, Dr. Wade is here to help you and your entire family. Choose It’s All About The Patient in Mesa for a provider who will help you through any stage of life.

Preventative Care

Prevent disease when you properly vaccinate, complete your annual exam, assess any health conditions you’re at risk for, and develop healthy routines and commitments.


As your children develop, find a provider that will help them through their different milestones and ensure they’re getting the proper care and support.

Men and Women

Men and women have different health concerns and are predisposed to different conditions. Find one provider that can provide health services for both men and women.


As we age, different health problems emerge, like arthritis or joint problems. Our family medicine provider is here to provide seniors with holistic support for their health.

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Make Dr. Wade Your Family Medicine Provider

When you make Dr. Wade at It’s All About The Patient your family medicine provider, you:

  • Find a provider you can trust for life
  • Can bring your entire family to the same family practice
  • Get more than yearly annual exams, including a whole-body approach to your health, preventative medicine, and mental health support
  • Can easily consult with your provider for a referral to a specialist
  • Meet with a provider familiar with your entire medical histoy to make the best decisions for your health

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