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Mental Health Services

Are You at a Crossroads? It’s Never Too Late to Ask for Help.

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Make a Positive Change with Us

When it comes to your mental health, knowing how and when to ask for help can be hard. But that’s why Dr. Wade at It’s All About The Patient in Mesa is here to help. When you choose us for mental health services, you get:

  • A chance to work through whatever you’re struggling with

  • A space where you’re treated with compassion and dignity

  • A team of providers with more than 10 years of experience

Our team can also help with a variety of conditions, including ADD, autism spectrum disorders, and mood disorders. Get started today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Wade.

Make Yourself a Priority

Make A Change, Call Now

Take Back Your Mental Health

We all reach moments in our lives where we come to a crossroads. An unwanted event has taken place, and it’s become clear that we need help. At It’s All About The Patient, our mission is to help you find peace from uncertainty. More than 10 years of experience has given our team the experience to provide you with the mental health services you deserve. Schedule an appointment today!

We Treat a Wide Number of Conditions, Including:


Addiction and substance use/dependence

Mood Disorders including

Depression, Anxiety & Bipolar Disorders

Borderline personality disorder

Physical examinations

Pediatric and adult nutrition

X-rays and order labs

Holistic treatments

Diverse Treatment Options

Our staff believes in treating you with compassion and dignity. We understand what it takes to have the courage and humility to reach out for help, no matter what brought you to us. During the treatment itself, a number of potential methods can be used.

Psychiatric Evaluation

During a psychiatric evaluation, our mental health practitioner can gain an understanding of your background and what kinds of tools and treatment options will be the most effective. During these evaluations, we can get to know you and create a personalized plan that will leave you feeling supported and heard.

Medication Management & Psychotherapy

Our mental health practitioner will work through your medication plan and help manage that process. This medication management can be paid with psychotherapy, more commonly known as talk therapy. Through talk therapy opportunities, we can work through different issues and find ways to make positive personal changes.

Family, Couples, & Group Therapy

Through group therapy opportunities, our mental health practitioner can help develop communication skills between you and your loved ones. Sometimes all you need is a safe space where you can work together to develop self-awareness about the other people in your life and better understand where everyone is coming from.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides you with a space where you can talk with a trained therapist to develop new insights into your emotions and life. In this space, we hope that you can feel empowered and find ways to improve your relationships and get the tools you need to handle difficult emotions or situations.

Other Therapy Styles

Therapy styles like CBT-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, Attachment, DBT-Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, and Solution-Focused Therapy provide alternative approaches to mental health. Let our mental health professional find the best therapy styles for your specific situation today!

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